Dutch Piccolo Project

Picture - Dutch Piccolo Project

The Dutch Piccolo Project is founded by flutist and piccoloist Ilonka Kolthof. It blossomed from her wish to encourage composers and flutists worldwide to discover the piccolo’s beauty and versatility. With this project Ilonka wants to emphasize and bring to the limelight the piccolo as an autonomous solo instrument. Furthermore, she aims to contribute to the creation of a new, large-scale international canon of piccolo works.

The Dutch Piccolo Project has raised much interest among both flutists, general audiences and the media. Together with some great international musicians, Ilonka performs new pieces for piccolo in the Netherlands and abroad, showcasing this unique project and continuously inspiring composers worldwide to discover the piccolo’s beauty and versatility.

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Duo Kolthof/Veinberg

Picture - Duo Kolthof/Veinberg

Fun, fresh and fearless flute and piano duo, bringing together standard and new repertoire with much dynamism! Closely working with composers, Duo Kolthof/Veinberg is continuously seeking for the best possible interpretations of the contemporary classical repertoire for flute and piano. 

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Gizmo Duo

Picture - Gizmo Duo

Named after a special key on the flute, the Gizmo Duo performes the most beautiful music written for flute and harp on various locations like museums, churches and art studios. 

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